Solution For Ingrown Hair Issues For Those Who Run

runner ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs result when shaved hairs get trapped inside the follicle or grow back into the skin. Dirt and oil can build up around the trapped hair causing a bump to form under the skin. This bump, if infected, can cause the skin to become red and swollen. Afro – Caribbean men can be more prone to ingrown hairs due to the fact that curlier hair is more prone to looping back into the skin.

One of the best ways to avoid ingrown hairs for those who run is to shave properly and use the right equipment such as the best epilator. If you don’t currently wet shave then give it a go. If you already wet shave you may want to try an electric razor or try following the steps outlined in the perfect shave. (link to the perfect shave article). Keeping the skin wet during the shaving process gives you a more effective shave and better looking skin. The hot water opens the pores of your skin and softens your stubble for more effective cutting – reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

Solution For Ingrown Hair Issues For Those Who Run

  • Use a facial scrub prior to shaving to remove the embedded oils and dirt from the skins surface while lifting embedded hairs from their follicles for a less irritating shave.
  • Use a shave brush to apply a good quality lubricating shave cream in a circular motion. This, again, helps to exfoliate the skin and prepare the stubble for shaving.
  • Always shave in the direction of the grain with a light amount of pressure on the razor
  • If you suffer badly from ingrown hairs you may want to try using a double edge razor. Many Afro – Caribbean men in particular find switching to a traditional double edge razor clears up their skin and can make shaving much more comfortable. A double edge razor cuts through tougher facial hair more effectively without pulling at it and requires a lighter amount of pressure.
  • A disposable razor with double or triple blades can actually increase the risk of ingrown hairs because the first blade often pulls at the hair while the second and third cuts it below skin level, this provides a closer shave but increases the chance of ingrown hairs occurring.
  • Moisturising the skin after shaving will keep the skin smooth and supple while keeping the hair follicles moisturised and growing in the right direction.

How to treat ingrown hairs

  • Never forcibly dig out ingrown hairs by the roots as you’ll only make things worse.
  • Use a sterile needle or sharp tweezers to gently tease out and unfold the hair. Do not pull the hair out initially allow the skin to heal around the hair before removal to prevent the problem reoccurring in the same area. If hair is very long trim with scissors but do not pull out at the root.
  • If area is red apply an antiseptic cream to the area.
  • Do not use any product that contains alcohol, it can exacerbate the problem area by drying the skin out and closing the pores.

In the first place, know how to prevent ingrown hairs but if unfortunately, they do occur, use the above tips to treat them!

Exercise Bikes Are Good For Variation In Your Fitness Routine

exercise bike routine

Many like to stay in shape at home, without having to sign up for a gym membership. Exercise bikes are a great purchase to make. If you don’t want to leave your home, but you’d like to stay in shape, then buying equipment such as treadmills, ab rollers, exercise balls or exercise bikes from ExerciseBikeJudge is a good way to go.

Exercise bikes are great for people who don’t like the idea of exercising in front of people at the gym. With these items, you can keep fit in private. You’ll be able to find what you need to keep your body in shape because there is so much fitness equipment available on today’s market.

Fitness items are widely available, and you should easily be able to find things that’ll improve your rowing, boxing, jogging, stair climbing and much more. If you want to buy larger machines, then you will need to spend more but you can find credit options at most stores that sell Exercise bikes.

Usually, fitness items that are stand alone and aren’t machine based don’t cost you that much. A pair of dumbbells will be about 20-30 GBP depending on the size you need. Running machines are one of the most popular bits of equipment. Exercise bikes are also certainly worth the purchase and they’ll keep you in shape.

Before you buy anything, you should consider a few things

The goal

Depending on your fitness goals you’ll need to consider firstly what you want to achieve from the use of your purchases. This will allow you to select the appropriate equipment.

The cost

You’ll next need to consider how much you can spend. A lot of exercise bikes are expensive, so you will have to ensure that you can afford what you need. After you have chosen a budget, you can then decide on what sort of features and quality you want or need from the things that you buy.

Research well

There are a lot of shapes and styles when it comes to this sort of equipment so make sure that you have done or are going to do some research before you buy. If you do not do research, you could end up with something that you don’t want, so make sure you are prepared with some knowledge.

Type of equipment available

The most popular form of fitness equipment are treadmills and exercise bikes because they are easy to use and are usually the best at keeping your cardio health in shape. These items come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a lot of people find that they are the best form of equipment for their needs.

There are many reasons as to why people buy exercise bikes, mostly it is if they are on a health spree or would like to lose weight and stay in shape. Gyms can be a bit scary for people who are self-conscious, so items like this are ideal for exercising in private if you want to stay hidden from other people.

Something that makes a big difference to some equipment is whether it is motorized or not. If you buy a treadmill, this can make a huge difference. If you want to buy a motorized treadmill or other forms of fitness equipment, then you’ll need to make sure that you budget for this because it’ll be more expensive.

Exercise bikes are ideal for anyone and will be a great purchase as long as you do your research and ensure that you know what you want. Many people buy things like this, and it is usually one off purchase and a lot of the time it’s a large investment so make sure you know what you’re looking for.


Overall, exercise bikes can change people’s lives, and a lot of people enjoy their purchases for years and years, if you want to buy something, then read more about exercise bikes. Fitness equipment is available in various shapes and styles and is probably one of the most exciting purchases that you could ever make for yourself.

Why Use Wrist Wraps In Crossfit

Wrist Wraps Crossfit

Physical fitness has become an emerging trend in the modern world. People are now more cautious about their physical fitness than ever before. For some people, this means going to the gym for cardio or weight training while others are involved in emerging trends such as Crossfit.

Crossfit consists of a blend of powerlifting, body-weight training, aerobic exercises and much more. Typically, these are performed at high intensity and low intervals. Like other exercises, there are times when performing an exercise with the incorrect form or while being underprepared or fatigued, may cause an injury/ One of the major ways to reduce the risk of injury while performing an exercise routine is by making sure you wear custom wrist wraps crossfit.

Benefits of putting on wrist wraps while lifting weights

Wrist wraps play a critical role in offering the weight lifter with support when they are lifting weight that is more than 50% of their one repetition maximum. An extremely heavy weight might cause a sprain or strain injury to the wrist of the weight lifter. These are very painful injuries in the joints especially of the wrist. They happen when the joint is forced to bend or twist fore than the required angle.

Commonly asked questions about wrist wraps

Should wrist wraps be worn all the time?

The answer to this question is no. If worn all the time when lifting any weight, they make wrist extensor and flexor muscles weak. These muscles allow the forward and the backward bending of the wrist. Wrist wraps should only be worn when you are lifting a weight that is more than 50% of your one repetition maximum.

How should wrist wraps be positioned?

Wrong positioning of the wrist wraps may make them fail to serve their purpose and hence useless. Wrist crease is the main guide when putting on wrist wraps. They should be fitted close to the wrist crease so as to offer support and aid in preventing over-extension of the wrist.

How so I select the best wrist wrap for me?

To select the best type of wrist wrap, you need to have in mind the type of movement you want to accomplish. Light movements such as snatches and thrusters require Tuffwraps types of wrist wraps. Maximum bench movements require Velcro type wrist wraps. These are achieved in heavy weight lifting.

Tips on how to use wrist wraps

Do your warm ups without the wrist wraps on

Wrist wraps should be worn only when necessary. Excessive use of wrist wraps makes your wrist weak. Consequently, it cannot lift weights that you ought to easily lift given your weight and height. Avoid wrist overuse for strong wrists.

Avoid tying the wrist wrap too low below the wrist joint

The sole reason of putting on a wrist wrap is to offer support to the wrist joint. A wrist wrap that is far away from the wrist joint is simply a bracelet that does not support your wrist. Tie your wrist wrap in way that it covers the wrist joint enough to prevent over-extension of the wrist joint.

Power Rack – The Ultimate Accessory For A Home Gym

All about power racks and home gyms

Do you need a power rack in a home gym?

In answering this question, this article will examine the essentiality of having a power rack in your home gym. You can learn all about home gyms here.

To start with, in any home gym, the single most important piece of equipment is the power rack. This equipment will enable you to lift weights safely on your own. Besides, it would also allow you to perform exercises that range from squats to bench presses. Whether you are training to lose fat or to gain muscle the power rack is going to help you get there.

You also need a power rack in a home gym because it is usually expensive to be a gym member. And, although you are supposed to get unlimited access to all the machines and weights you require, you will end up disappointed because, often gyms are always under-equipped or overcrowded. If you wish to improve results and save money, you may consider dropping your gym membership for your home gym sanctity.

For a program of effective home training, you will not need a full line of machines or a broad array of equipment. Because; the power rack would accomplish some of the best workouts you can do.Moreover, you need a power rack in your home gym because it would also offer you a head-to-toe training that the most powerful athletes globally consider good enough. You can find out all about power racks here. 

The power rack can as well work wonders for you too. The power rack is also the proper equipment that will enable you work out at home without being watched over by a spotter. The power rack has horizontal spotter bars, the bars would prevent you from getting trapped under any weight that might drop since it would catch them.

Furthermore, you also need a power rack in your home gym because in comparison to other gym equipment, it is the only one that will provide you with the overall body workouts. Hence, it is the most important piece of home gym equipment that you will ever need. You will have numerous benefits by using power rack in your home gym.

First, the designing of the power rack is to enable it work with free weights. The free weights build more strength and more muscle than machines. In comparison to using a machine, you will achieve superior results by using a power rack.

 Benefits of a Power Rack Continued

Secondly, power rack has the benefit of providing you with safety. In case something goes wrong, they can catch the barbell since they are designed with safety pins on the side. Hence, your security is assured without a spotter. Ease-of-use is also another benefit of a power rack. It makes exercise such as squats easy to do.

Last but not least, a power rack will provide you with versatility. You can use it to do a broad range of exercises such as squats, pull-ups, dips, and bench presses among other exercises. In a home gym, the power rack is the ultimate accessory.

Without a doubt, the most beneficial and most important purchase for your home gym is the power rack. Your gym will be taken to the next level by this piece of exercise equipment.

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