Why Use Wrist Wraps In Crossfit

Wrist Wraps Crossfit

Physical fitness has become an emerging trend in the modern world. People are now more cautious about their physical fitness than ever before. For some people, this means going to the gym for cardio or weight training while others are involved in emerging trends such as Crossfit.

Crossfit consists of a blend of powerlifting, body-weight training, aerobic exercises and much more. Typically, these are performed at high intensity and low intervals. Like other exercises, there are times when performing an exercise with the incorrect form or while being underprepared or fatigued, may cause an injury/ One of the major ways to reduce the risk of injury while performing an exercise routine is by making sure you wear custom wrist wraps crossfit.

Benefits of putting on wrist wraps while lifting weights

Wrist wraps play a critical role in offering the weight lifter with support when they are lifting weight that is more than 50% of their one repetition maximum. An extremely heavy weight might cause a sprain or strain injury to the wrist of the weight lifter. These are very painful injuries in the joints especially of the wrist. They happen when the joint is forced to bend or twist fore than the required angle.

Commonly asked questions about wrist wraps

Should wrist wraps be worn all the time?

The answer to this question is no. If worn all the time when lifting any weight, they make wrist extensor and flexor muscles weak. These muscles allow the forward and the backward bending of the wrist. Wrist wraps should only be worn when you are lifting a weight that is more than 50% of your one repetition maximum.

How should wrist wraps be positioned?

Wrong positioning of the wrist wraps may make them fail to serve their purpose and hence useless. Wrist crease is the main guide when putting on wrist wraps. They should be fitted close to the wrist crease so as to offer support and aid in preventing over-extension of the wrist.

How so I select the best wrist wrap for me?

To select the best type of wrist wrap, you need to have in mind the type of movement you want to accomplish. Light movements such as snatches and thrusters require Tuffwraps types of wrist wraps. Maximum bench movements require Velcro type wrist wraps. These are achieved in heavy weight lifting.

Tips on how to use wrist wraps

Do your warm ups without the wrist wraps on

Wrist wraps should be worn only when necessary. Excessive use of wrist wraps makes your wrist weak. Consequently, it cannot lift weights that you ought to easily lift given your weight and height. Avoid wrist overuse for strong wrists.

Avoid tying the wrist wrap too low below the wrist joint

The sole reason of putting on a wrist wrap is to offer support to the wrist joint. A wrist wrap that is far away from the wrist joint is simply a bracelet that does not support your wrist. Tie your wrist wrap in way that it covers the wrist joint enough to prevent over-extension of the wrist joint.

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